Top Fitness Trends for 2019

Top fitness trends 2019

Since 2006, ACSM Health & Fitness Journal editors industry send an electronic survey to the health industry top professionals asking them about the top fitness trends for the upcoming year. The survey, called the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, seeks to shape health and fitness programming efforts for the coming year and into the future. The results include some activities that have been trending over the past several years, while others are somewhat new for this year. Take a look to find out what’s on deck for 2019.

Streaming workouts

Whether it’s Peleton, or one of the many other options, streaming workouts convenience factor can’t be denied. The ability to benefit from an instructed workout from the convenience of your home or while traveling is hard to beat. The great news is that with so many options, you can try a class out and see if it works for you, and if not, find another that may be a better fit.

HIIT Workouts

This is one of the entries that has been trending for several years now. HIIT also known as High Intensity Interval Training, combines short intense bursts of activity with a cool down period in which you exert less energy. The benefits of HIIT workouts are astounding which explains their popularity. Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout, but you continue to burn more calories in the 24 hours following HIIT than you would with a non HIIT workout session. Not only that, but HIIT workouts are great for those of us on a time crunch (and who isn’t), because you can achieve more progress using interval training in 15 minutes than someone who works out for an hour.

Wearable Technology

top fitness trends of 2019

This is a fitness trend that has been popular for several years. It includes fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, and smart watches. The information you can get from your tracker is like gold. From letting you know how intense your workout should be to informing you about how well you slept last night, having a tracker is and will continue to be the new fitness essential gadget.

Mindfulness Workouts

Over the past few years, the importance and benefits of mindfulness have become increasingly well-known and appreciated. So it’s only natural that fitness professionals would find a way to incorporate mindfulness with the intensity of a traditional workout. These workouts incorporate mindfulness in the beginning and end of the workout, with intense workouts in between. Other formats include yoga and HIIT training combination classes where yoga will be followed by an intense HIIT workout throughout a 60 or 75-minute class. Think of burpees combined with moments of contemplation. These types of classes with leave you not only with a healthier bod, but a healthier mind as well.


Bodyweight Training

Top fitness trends of 2019

Many times, people overlook bodyweight training, which focuses on solely using your body’s own weight as resistance for exercise, however, they are missing out on a valuable and convenient workout. In many cases, moves such as lunges, planks, pull ups, push ups, bodyweight squats and other moves can be combined to give you a pretty intense full body workout. Many trainers even suggest clients should begin by doing bodyweight exercises initially before moving on to free weights or weight machines. The best part is, you can do these exercises at home or anywhere convenient, freeing you from a gym or class membership you won’t use.


Hydro weight resistance training

Exercising in the water isn’t just limited to your grandma’s water aerobics class. Swimming pool resistance training was pioneered by Laird Hamilton. He has a class called XPT Extreme Pool Training. He’s now training others on the system which could be coming to your city in the future. The advantage of lifting weights in the water is two-fold, you get all benefits of cardio and resistance workout without putting stress on your joints. It’s a great exercise for people with arthritis as well as joint or back pain. Keep an eye out, this could turn into your new favorite fitness routine.


Focus on sleep training

This is fitness trend but also more of an overall wellness trend as well. We all know we’re overworked, overscheduled and overstressed right? Almost everything health related can be made better or worse depending upon your sleep habits. If you’re trying to lose weight especially, getting proper sleep is key, and not getting enough will derail your weight loss goals. So increasingly, the fitness industry is focusing on helping us regain and maintain a healthy sleep schedule. Fitbit provides you with a sleep score to show you how well you slept the night before. There are countless other sleep trackers such as Oura ring which looks like a regular metal ring, but tracks your sleep trends, sleep quality and gives you bedtime guidance for optimal sleep.

Adding any of these fitness trends into your workout and fitness regime is sure to help you reach your fitness goals faster, and ensure your body is in optimal shape in no time.





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