Best Health Products for 2019

There are some of the excellent gadgets and products that have come out recently that are great for everything from stress relief to blood pressure monitoring. Regardless of where you are in your health and wellness journey, these gadgets will get you revved up. We’ll dive in to what the latest gadgets and products are that can help you nail your health and fitness goals.

Invented by the Women’s Health and \backslash\fit this yoga mat will undoubtedly upgrade your yoga practice. If you don’t practice yoga now, this mat might make you want to try it asap.
The yoga mat pairs with Womens Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa and talks you through your yoga session. It also rolls up seamlessly by itself, with one click (pretty awesome right?).
We all know how detrimental stress can be for our health. Stress can and will take a toll on your mental and physical health if left unchecked. Any steps you can take to reduce or eliminate stress (to a certain degree) is worth the effort. In fact, (insert medical quote). These cool stress relievers look like two watches and work by emitting haptic at three varying intensities to help reduce stress.The Touch Point was developed by a neuropsychologist, Amy Serin. The goal is that bi-lateral stimulation will reduce the physical effects of stress in about 30 seconds. The gadget slows down your heartbeat and gets rid of butterflies in your stomach that happen when we’re stressed or nervous.
I don’t know about you, but this one is something I definitely plan on trying out. This makes getting some exercise amazingly simple and let’s you do a workout while writing emails or talking on the phone. The Cubii connects by Bluetooth¬† to a mobile app (or to your Fitbit) which allows you to set your fitness weekly goals and track your progress. It has eight levels of resistance for increasing the intensity and it’s quiet so it won’t interrupt your work or bother nearby coworkers.
This ridiculously cool device works with your smartphone to help integrate peace and mindfulness into your day. It measures and tracks your breathing, provides feedback, and gives you a nudge to breathe in moments when you need to de-stress. It can also track your steps, provide short guided meditations, and is super long lasting (7 days) before needing a recharge. Oh and did I mention that it’s waterproof?
If you’ve never tried a portion control plate, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Behind meal prep, using portion control plates is one of the best ways to stick to your diet.
While there are a multitude of options, these four square portion bamboo control plates not only give you the basics veggies, proteins, and grains, but then even have a favorites sections that you can use for your cheat day when you want to have a little special treat. They are also BPA free.
This little guy does it all. It plays music, texts, and allows for payments without the need for your phone. It also connects to multiple sports apps like yoga, running and swimming. It lasts up to 7 days before needing a charge while in smartwatch mode. Amazing! Additionally, it’s equipped with safety features so that if you find yourself in a sticky situation you can send a discreet message with your real-time location to your emergency contact list.
This one isn’t cheap, but what it can do is impressive. The combination of the headset and the app help you lose weight by using the headset in conjunction with electrodes placed behind your ears. The app then sends signals to your brain from 10 different options. It reportedly helps reduce cravings, decreases appetite and makes you feel fuller, quicker. The signals stimulate your hypothalamus, which changes the set point of your BMI leading to weight loss.
Similar to many genetic ancestry profiling companies like 23 and me and, the Mudho genetic profiling and fitness plan which helps you discover and take advantage of your genetic predisposition to achieve your fitness goals. You spit in the tube and send it off for analysis. The Mudho team will build up a customized fitness
and nutrition plan based on your genetic makeup. The testing can tell you what vitamins and nutrients your body needs more or less of in order to get the most from your workouts. It can also tell you what types of exercises will benefit you the most.

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