Swellbody was created as a passion project. After turning 30, it seemed as though my health took a turn and not for the better. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which made me extremely tired, and unable to lose weight that I put on during my late 20’s. Finally having a diagnosis was great, but then realizing that I would probably need to take thyroid regulating medication for the rest of my life was depressing and alarming. I eventually lost 35 pounds and started to feel better. However, I didn’t change my eating habits and my weight began to creep back up again. After I got pregnant and had my son, I was back to my previous weight, and just couldn’t seem to lose it again. I then started to feel a lot of pain in my pelvic region and it became almost unbearable after a few months. I went in for an ultrasound and it showed I had two large protrusions around my ovaries. At the time, my doctor said I may have functional¬†endometriomas which come and go along with your period, endometriosis or it could be cancer, which obviously scared the crap out of me. She said I would need an MRI to determine what they were, and once that was done, I was diagnosed with ovarian endometriomas called chocolate cysts.

While it was an amazing relief to not have cancer, I was still in pain and was told there is no cure and really no real effective treatment for endometriosis. I was searching frantically for something to help my situation. I found that changing your diet can help, by reducing inflammation inside the body, and decided that I would do whatever I needed to get healthier. I eventually found that changing my diet and taking oxidative stress supplements worked and my pain disappeared. That is what has inspired me to start Swellbody. I know there are so many other people dealing with health issues, whether they be mental, emotional or physical and they can truly be debilitating and take the joy out of life. If you don’t have your health, you truly have nothing. So I want to share everything I’ve learned from my own health journey in the hopes that it can help someone find a solution that will work to make them feel better and improve their lives. I would love to hear from you, so reach out anytime.

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